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We honor the legacy of our great-great grandmothers, who were born enslaved in Louisiana

For centuries, the people of St. John the Baptist have experienced one of the most diverse cultures along the Mississippi River. Contributions from the native Indigenous, settler Europeans, and enslaved Africans are still deeply rooted in our community and experienced through our food, language, and more. While we celebrate the beauty of our culture, we recognize this culture was built on the backs of the enslaved Africans, the ancestors of many of our community members today. Although painful, we do not shy away from this part of our history. In fact, we seek recognition for the many people who labored without reward, without the very freedom we hold dear today. 

Yet, our identities span far beyond the glamorized “plantation country” label forced upon our community by tourism agencies and marketing firms. We refuse to be defined by this one aspect of our beautiful yet complex culture. We honor our past, but we fight to have say on our future, fighting to dismantle problematic systems still forced up on our community. We work every day to equip our community with the tools necessary to do so. 

Gone are the days of us accepting the Legacy Pollution of Cancer Alley in silence. No more will we accept pollutant causing heavy industry as the only recognized economy. 




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