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Woodland Plantation/ 1811 Kid Ory House

With The Descendants Project's purchase of The Woodland Plantation, also known as the 1811 Kid Ory House and the Andry Plantation, the historical property is under Black stewardship for the first time in its over 200-year history. The plantation is the primary site of the 1811 Freedom Fight of the Enslaved (The German Coast Uprising), where over 500 enslaved people organized and fought for their freedom, engaging in a march throughout Louisiana's River Parish. Notable Jazz musician Edward "Kid" Ory, who played with Louis Armstrong, was also born on the plantation.

Working with the Woodland descendants and other experts, The Descendants Project will spend the following year developing exhibits for the property, which will include interpretations of the 1811 Freedom Fight of the Enslaved, the buildout of the Bonnet Carre Spillway, and Kid Ory.

The site will also examine the environmental degradation caused by the transformation of Plantations into Plants and how descendants of communities along the area now known as Cancer Alley are impacted but are resisting—much like those who resisted enslavement in 1811.

The Descendants Project will consider site visits depending on availability before opening and the purpose of the visit. 

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The Descendants Project Staff and Descendants of Woodland
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Woodland Plantation Information/Updates

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